Press Release

Italtel, a multinational company operating in the Information and Technology sector, with a strong focus on the Internet of Things (IoT), SDNFV, cyber security, analytics and all-IP communication solutions, today announced its Netwrapper application has been included in the official Cisco GPL catalogue.

Netwrapper is the outcome of the strong cooperation between Italtel and Cisco around the innovation that Cisco is bringing in the enterprise networks. In particular, Italtel’s application is built on top of Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) leveraging automation concepts enabled by the Enterprise SDN Controller Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Controller Enterprise module (Cisco APIC-EM).

“We are very proud to announce that we are part of Cisco’s GPL,” said Camillo Ascione, Head of Strategic Alliances at Italtel. “We intend this result to be a starting point and plan to develop new applications, leveraging all of the possibilities that the Cisco platforms allow, from analytics to collaboration APIs, as well as our development capabilities and deep knowledge of Cisco products.”

Netwrapper provides IT managers with a tool to improve operational efficiency, enabling increased employee productivity and better return on investment. Interacting with both the network and Unified Collaboration & Communication (UC&C) services, Netwrapper understands and adapts to real-time bandwidth availability and voice and video service requirements, driving changes in service priorities and dynamically modifying call management set-ups if required.

From an IT manager’s perspective, this delivers a better understanding of network infrastructure status and improved usage of UC&C services to ensure delivery of the best possible customer experience. Netwrapper also delivers benefits to companies adopting smart working, allowing network resources to be distributed dynamically according to the number of employees present at the company premises on a given day.

For system integrators selling the solution, Netwrapper has innovative use cases that illustrate the positive effects of an SDN-based approach. For service providers managing infrastructure on behalf of enterprise customers, Netwrapper provides a tool for improving not only operational efficiency, but also for delivering services at assured quality that meets real customers’ needs.

In general, Netwrapper enables a smooth adoption of Cisco DNA, opening the door to further use cases where automation and artificial intelligence concepts can bring significant results.

Italtel’s entry into Cisco’s GPL was achieved through a fruitful collaboration with Cisco business units and after joining the Cisco Solution Plus program, which delivers a one-stop ordering experience for Cisco’s customers, channel partners and sales teams for selected third-party products and applications.

“The inclusion in Cisco’s official catalogue is significant as not only is it the first time one of Italtel’s products has been selected but it also shows the progress we are making in evolving from telco standardized products to agile software products for the enterprise market,” added Ascione. “This fact gives us the opportunity to start a new partnership model with Cisco where our development capabilities and system integration expertise can add value to Cisco’s products.”

For more insight into Italtel’s partnership with Cisco and Netwrapper, please watch this video: