Press Release

Citrix has announced a new “enhancement” that will help managed service providers (MSPs) simplify and accelerate delivery of Citrix SD-WAN service to their customers.

According to the global cloud player, businesses are increasingly becoming more reliant on service providers to manage their end-to-end networks. The strategy of outsourcing infrastructure management to a trusted partner allows enterprise IT to focus on more strategic initiatives and reduce CapEx. It allows businesses to align their cost structures with business growth.

In short, provider-managed SD-WAN offers the “easy-button” for businesses to adopt SD-WAN when rethinking their WAN architectures.

In view of this evolution to outsourcing, Citrix is introducing a new enhancement that includes a cloud management service and expansion of its Citrix Managed Service Provider programme that empowers Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Network Service Provider (NSP) partners with:

• Flexible procurement and fulfillment options, including opex friendly pre-paid and post-paid licensing, for physical and virtual appliances; allowing the service provider partner to bundle Citrix SD-WAN appliances as part of monthly service, or for resale.
• Access to Citrix SD-WAN orchestration service, a Citrix Cloud-based, multi-tenant service that enables partners to efficiently deploy, optimise, monitor and troubleshoot Citrix SD-WAN services remotely, instantaneously and securely for their end customers.
• Powerful application reporting and analytics for SaaS, web and on-premises applications, including Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
• Leading service integration of Citrix SD-WAN with Microsoft Azure vWAN and Office 365 cloud services, as well as better together solutions with Citrix’s growing set of security partnerships, including Zscaler and Palo Alto Networks.
• Full REST API designed to integrate with service providers’ OSS/ BSS systems in-use and enable support for all aspects of configuration, management, deployment, and troubleshooting.
• Service and support programmes coupled with partner-designed training and guidance on best practices will enable partners to build their own packaging and programme to suit their business needs.
• Custom sales enablement to help partners to transition Citrix SD-WAN leads to demos followed by good wins, and then seamless rollouts.

Citrix SD-WAN orchestration service is a Citrix Cloud-hosted service that provides a single-pane management and analytics, with an easy to consume interface for efficiently managing the Citrix SD-WAN control and data planes.