Press Release

Clavister, a leader in high-performance virtual security, has announced that it has received the first order from Nokia Networks for its advanced virtual security solution. The order is for an initial deployment in one jurisdiction to protect a Western-European tier one operator’s network.

Clavister’s virtual security solution is an integral part of the Nokia NetGuard security offering. Even if the value of this initial order is limited, it is significant as it marks that sales of the NetGuard solution have commenced and a successful take-up holds significant long term revenue potential for Clavister.

Johan Öhman, CEO of Clavister said: “We are excited about this order which is a milestone in our cooperation with Nokia and proof that our strategic focus on virtual security is starting to pay off. With a solution developed from scratch specifically to cater for the needs of next generation networks, we have a unique market position and ability to address the SDNFV market on a wider basis.“