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Stellar Cyber, the leading security operations platform for MSSPs, announced today it has extended its market reach in Latin America by adding Coeficiente Comunicaciones, a leading Mexican internet service provider serving more than 30 major cities, to its rapidly-growing customer list. Through this relationship with Stellar Cyber, Coeficiente becomes the first ISP in Mexico with AI-powered cybersecurity protection embedded in its backbone.

The deal marks Coeficiente’s entry into managed security services, and will help accelerate the company’s expansion into additional Mexican states. Coeficiente currently operates in Jalisco, Colima, Aguascalientes and Guanajuato, and plans to expand soon to the states of Nayarit and Sinaloa with its managed services portfolio. Moreover, Coeficiente soon will open offices in Dallas, giving it access to more Tier 1 internet providers and increasing its connection capacity to the network of networks through various international routes. In addition, this allows Coeficiente to open markets in states such as Nuevo Laredo, Monterrey, Saltillo and Zacatecas.

“Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR security operations platform has significantly enhanced our network’s SOC because our teams can now respond to threats in minutes, rather than the hours it takes most service providers,” said Jorge Salde, CEO of Coeficiente. “The platform integrates well with our existing security tools, has an intuitive interface that’s easy to train on, and brings AI technology to bear on event data to produce immediately actionable alerts and threat responses.”

Stellar Cyber’s AI-powered investigation, detection and response platform gives security analysts 360-degree visibility across the entire attack surface, through normalized and enriched metadata from ANY source – network, cloud, endpoints, applications, users and more. It reduces attack detection time from days to down to real-time – even for smaller security teams – giving hackers far less opportunity to compromise servers and networks.

"Like many North American MSPs, Coeficiente is leveraging the Stellar Cyber platform to extend into the MSSP business and expand its market, revenue and margins,” said Jose Ramirez, LATAM Sales Director at Stellar Cyber. “Our intuitive Open XDR platform, combined with our fanatical service and support organizations, make this an easy transition for Coeficiente.”


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Open XDR vs. XDR
While standard extended detection and response (XDR) platforms enforce vendor lock-in and abandonment of existing security tools, Stellar Cyber’s unique Open XDR platform works seamlessly with customers’ existing EDR, SIEM, UEBA, NDR, and other solutions to preserve their investments. In addition, Stellar Cyber’s platform enhances those investments by ingesting their data, normalizing and correlating it, applying AI-driven analytics to inspect it, and automatically responding to complex threats. Only Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR delivers these benefits.