Press Release

Colt Technology Services Enriches Customer Digital Experiences with Blue Planet

Colt Technology Services, a leading provider of agile, high-bandwidth connectivity solutions, has deployed software from Blue Planet, a division of Ciena (NYSE: CIEN). Colt’s IQ Network now uses Blue Planet fault management software which will transform the Network Assurance experience that Colt provides to its customers.

By deploying Blue Planet software, Colt’s IQ Network can proactively anticipate – and even act upon – potential network issues before they occur, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities integrated within Blue Planet Unified Assurance and Analytics (UAA). Route Optimization and Analysis (ROA) provides visibility and control of Colt’s multi-layer network to correct service delivery issues, accelerating time to market for new services.

Since the launch of its IQ Network in 2016, Colt has continued to drive innovation in next generation optical networking through extensive investment programmes and working closely with its partners. Today, the 100Gbps optimised, high bandwidth and low latency IQ Network connects over 900 data centres and over 29,000 on net buildings globally.

This announcement is the latest example of Colt deploying next generation technologies across the full length of its global network. It is part of a wider, complete revitalization of its Network Operations Centre, driving an industry-leading, proactive approach to network fault management through enhanced monitoring capability.

“Deploying UAA for fault management enables us to leverage automation and AI to rapidly analyse and resolve network issues, as well as to proactively identify opportunities to enhance the reliability of our network,” said Shane Sura, Colt’s Vice President of Network Operations. “This is a key enabler in providing the fastest detection and resolution of network issues for exceptional customer service.”

“Networks today are incredibly complex and require automation so network providers can deliver the best digital experiences possible,” said Rick Hamilton, Senior Vice President, Blue Planet. “With Blue Planet, Colt is creating a network that can adapt to support the next wave of connectivity demands while further reinforcing its goal of putting customers first.”

For more information on the future of networks, tune into a recent podcast with Colt and Blue Planet here.