Businessman calls for the U.S. to follow Ireland’s lead

David McCourt, Chairman of National Broadband Ireland gave a stark warning to the U.S., "If the U.S. doesn’t provide universal access, it will ensure that the Americans who are already struggling to compete in the global economy will fall further behind".

McCourt who is also the inaugural Economist in Residence at USC’s Annenberg school, was writing on the Nasdaq, Inc. website and said that it is now time for the U.S. to follow Ireland’s lead by embracing a comprehensive, inclusive, and technologically-forward broadband plan to ensure every American – rich or poor – has access to the internet.

Today, about 25% of Americans don’t have access to broadband at home, but studies, such as that completed by Deloitte into the US Digital Divide, have shown that a 10% increase in broadband access could result in 875,000 new jobs and $186 billion in economic output.

McCourt further went on to argue for an independent provider to build a broadband infrastructure for all Americans in an equitable manner, suggesting that the likes of like Verizon and AT&T have failed the American public as they have sought to pursue their own business interests.

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