Press Release

Comms365, a leading managed solutions provider, specialising in bespoke data connectivity network services, announces the expansion of its Continuum bonded network solution, using 4G and SDN technologies coupled with a high capacity core network to deliver ultra-fast internet of up to 800Mbps for businesses unable to access fixed-line infrastructure.

Continuum is a fully managed portable internet service which uses multiple bonded connections from any mobile carrier to deliver high speed connectivity when fixed lines are not in place. Comms365 has upgraded Continuum’s software platform to allow the bonding of up to 10 lines of aggregated 4G connectivity, a doubling of capability. The move is driven by customer demand for connectivity in a number of marginal signal areas, where multiple cellular connections are needed to guarantee consistent, high quality internet.

By bonding several lines of connectivity to create a single IP connection, business networks are protected against the impact of a service provider outage which ensures Quality of Service and User Experience. Delivered as a ruggedised, plug and play ‘office in a box’ product, Continuum allows businesses to connect to enterprise grade internet in a matter of days when, due to circumstances beyond their control, their usual internet connectivity fails to deliver.

Mike van Bunnens, Managing Director at Comms365 commented, “Since the launch of our Continuum service in 2014, we have seen huge demand for portable wireless internet when traditional fixed broadband or dedicated fibre access isn’t an option. Connectivity is now the life blood of virtually every business and we are committed to developing solutions that enable any organization of any size, regardless of location to access the ultra-fast internet necessary to effectively run their business.”

Both SMEs and multinational corporations alike depend on Continuum for high-speed, portable and quick to deploy internet solutions. Its customer base spans a wide range of industries including manufacturing, construction, distribution, automotive, public sector and events. “Comms365 Continuum is a very reliable and robust solution in the absence of a fixed-line connection,” comments Tim Ager, IT Director at Tangle Teezer, the original award winning hair detangling brand. “Having moved to a new location and a larger office, we were unable to find a suitable internet connection while we waited for our fixed line to be installed. It actually took a number of months to arrive. Continuum got us out of a big hole. It meant that we could continue to operate immediately, with the solution being implemented within a day; proving extremely valuable to our business. Whilst we are now up and running with a fixed-line infrastructure, if our lines ever went down in the future, we wouldn’t hesitate to use Continuum again.”