At day of this year’s Connected Britain, we were delighted to speak to Jérôme Cousin, Senior Director of Market Management EMEA at CommScope to discuss the challenges and costs of fast fibre rollout

Cousin discusses the UK’s digital divide, the challenges that come with providing digital access to all, and how CommScope are working closely with both the incumbents and the altnets to provide connectivity solutions.

“In the UK, labour costs are expensive. Sometimes three or four times more expensive than our competitors in European countries. The way to minimise this impact is to go through innovative solutions which minimise the impact on your project. You need to deliver creative technologies” noted Cousin.

“At CommScope, we are really proud to be one of the unique suppliers able to provide such solutions in the market. This is what we are looking for, we build solutions in order to provide broadband for everyone, everywhere.”

You can watch the full Connected Britain interview from the link below.