The Edinburgh based firm will expand its own network and link in to two major UK networks, allowing it to provide services in 20 major UK cities

Commsworld is to become the operator of one of the largest privately owned full fibre networks in the UK, offering FTTP services to over 250,000 businesses across the UK.

The company will build its own national optical core network and has signed access agreements with network firms Cityfibre and Zayo. The move will see the Scottish based company triple the size of its existing dark fibre estate, connecting more than 20 UK cities, including London, Manchester and Birmingham.

“I can’t overstate how exciting this step forward is for us," said Ricky Nicol, chief executive of Commsworld.

“This network expansion takes us from a predominantly Scottish-centric provider to a UK provider, another milestone for us in the long-term strategy to take the business to that UK level.

“Previously, outside of Scotland, we’ve used fibre networks owned and managed by others, but this development means we have full control – and the bandwidth available is only determined by the equipment we use on the end of the fibre.

“While we’ve been able to comfortably provide fast speeds and a high level of service, this expansion of our network opens up so many more possibilities to us to transform the amount of business we will do south of the border,” he added. 


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