Press Release

The long and successful business cooperation between Comsys and Tele2 a leading European Telecom operator grows by Comsys delivering their Missed Call Alert solution to Tele2 Sweden and Tele2 the Netherlands.

Tele2 is already using the Missed Call Alert solution of Comsys in Croatia, Austria and the Baltics for several years. Mainly because of this, it is a logical step to use Comsys to deliver the service to Tele2 Sweden and Tele2 the Netherlands. With this expansion all the European Missed Call Alert traffic of Tele2 is handled on one environment which makes it easier for Tele2 to maintain and control.

Comsys is a supplier to Tele2 for more than 15 years. Comsys has supplied to Tele2 a Pan-European GEO redundant platform for its European subscribers. This Pan-European platform is used for the following solutions:
– Interactive Voice Response (IVR),
– Survey,
– Flow Builder,
– Intelligent Roaming,
– IVR Outbound Dialer,
– Missed Call Alert.