Huawei Deutschland’s CTO, Walter Haas, says that 5G will attract over 500 million subscribers across the world, within three years of launch, as operators look to accelerate their network densification programmes

Consumers in Germany can expect to see 5G mobile network services ramp up far quicker than they did when 4G was launched, according to senior representatives at Huawei.

Speaking at the Connected Germany event in Frankfurt on Wednesday, Huawei Technologies Deutschland’s CTO, Walter Haas, said that operators were looking to build out their fledgling 5G networks across Europe.

Huawei was recently cleared to participate fully in Germany’s 5G rollout, as the government ignored pleas from the US to ban the Chinese tech giant. Huawei has been involved with the 5G launches of both Vodafone Deutschland and Deutsche Telekom.

Haas said that 5G had emerged from the R&D stage to full commercialisation up to 2 years faster than either 3G or 4G. In the first year of 4G rollout, 400 base stations were deployed – for 5G that figure is already over 100,000 across the world.

Haas stated that as operators ramp up their network services consumer demand will accelerate. 3G took ten years to achieve 500 million users across the world, with 4G it took five years. 5G is predicted to attract 500 million global subscribers within three years.