Press Release

Delivering on the promise of next-generation connected home capabilities and intelligence, nordic broadband innovators Genexis and Domos are pleased to announce their joint mission to enable user context-aware, Quality of Experience Delivered (QED) control for Genexis’ Pure residential gateways and Pulse access point products.

Answering the call for a better, more seamless broadband experience for CSP subscribers, Genexis has driven innovation of its WiFi solutions well ahead of the curve. Delivered via their best-of-breed, standards-based open source platform, GenXOS, the Genexis home network devices support a widening range of advanced WiFi features and CSP-friendly capabilities. Adding Domos’ application-aware outcome prediction and context-aware QED control dramatically extends GenXOS’ already industry-leading features and performance.

“This partnership further reinforces our commitment to deliver a continuously better broadband experience for our users, and their service providers,” said Simo Sulkko, Managing Director of Genexis Finland. “In a world where not all fiber or DSL broadband connections are created equal, it’s essential that these in-home technologies are equipped to make the most intelligent use of finite resources. We’re thrilled to be working with Domos to further extend our capabilities to deliver truly next-generation broadband experiences for the most latency-sensitive applications.”

An open-source device operating system, the GenXOS platform is based on the best parts of the now standard OpenWrt OS. Leveraging the same unified development platform to deploy the Domos optimized Open CPE, this core integration partnership provides another example of the power and flexibility of this standards-based approach.

“We’re pleased to be teaming up with Genexis to help deliver these next-generation capabilities to CSP partners and their customers,” said Olav Nedrelid, CEO of Domos. “This deployment at once underscores the power of the Open CPE and its ability to enable a world of new, highly monetizable service level experiences to end users.”

As a cloud-enabled remote management platform, Genexis will be free to deploy Domos’ Context-Aware QED Control capabilities to any GenXOS-powered devices from the assembly line to the customer’s home network. To learn more about the Domos-Genexis partnership, email us at or