Press Release

Console Connect, a leading provider of global direct connect solutions, today announced that Omantel, the leading Middle Eastern wholesale carrier, will be the company’s first network partner in the Middle East. The partnership will allow Omantel to offer Console’s interconnection solutions to its enterprise and wholesale customers, by providing regional access to the Console Connect platform, allowing a more holistic and secure cloud connectivity service. The deal will also offer Console Connect greater reach in the region through the partnership with Omantel.

Using Console Connect’s platform, Omantel’s customers will be able to migrate away from the public internet and leverage the company’s interconnection technology to securely transfer data to their partners in real-time, significantly reducing time and costs.

With Gartner’s prediction that public cloud services in the Middle East and North Africa will grow over 22 percent in 2017, Console Connect’s platform recognises the needs in the market, offering a completely secure cloud connectivity package, providing integrations with business-critical cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure’s ExpressRoute. Omantel will be able to deliver more secure cloud connectivity to its customers in the region, as well as across the Omantel’s network spanning Europe, US and Asia.

“Historically, the Middle East has been behind the curve in cloud connectivity terms,” said Jef Graham, CEO, Console Connect. “So far, none of the key cloud infrastructure players have connection points in the Middle East, so the partnership with Omantel allows us to solidify our footprint in this region, and offer Omantel’s customers the opportunity to securely interconnect with other markets. The relationship is just the start with Omantel, and we look forward to working closely together to continue to address the needs of this fast-growing market.”

“The Console Connect platform will further strengthen Omantel’s portfolio of innovative services by providing a completely secure, simple and fast solution for our customers across the Middle East to directly connect to business-critical cloud providers, SaaS providers and partners,” said Sohail Qadir, Vice President Wholesale at Omantel. “Our customers will be able to create private connections between their offices, or data centers. These direct connections through Console’s platform will meet the demand of our customers’ needs for improved security, faster speeds and ultra-low latency,” concluded Sohail Qadir.