Work has begun on a new sub-sea cable, connecting Japan with Australia, via a landing point in the US territory of Guam

The Japan-Guam-Australia (JGA) cable project is being spearheaded by a consortium of companies, including Google, Alacatel Submarine Networks, RTI Connectivity and NEC, and is intended to boost communications networks from Japan and Australia, to Asia and the United States, thereby improving network redundancy and expanding onward connectivity options in Guam. 

"We are honoured to be selected once again by RTI-C to construct their third subsea cable. While both SEA-US and HK-G will provide horizontal East-West connectivity across the Pacific, JGA cable will now provide the much-needed vertical North-South connectivity, enabling high capacity communications to reach all corners," said Toru Kawauchi, general manager of NEC’s Submarine Network Division. 

RTI-C’s financial investment in the project will utilise capital from the Fund Corporation for the Overseas Development of Japan’s ICT and Postal Services Inc. (Japan ICT Fund), in addition to a number of loans from Japanese financial institutions, including NEC Capital Solutions Limited. 

"JGA will be the second project after HK-G to be co-financed by the Japanese government-led Japan ICT Fund, and the third project supporting RTI’s investment after SEA-US and HK-G for the Japanese loan syndicate. We wish to further utilise these funds for many more cables in the future," Kawauchi added.