Press Release

Corning today announced two new additions to its optical connectivity offering. The UniCam™ high-performance toolkit 2 and the MTP® PRO connector both help simplify the installation of optical connectors in the field, providing critical time savings in today’s demanding, time-sensitive deployments.

Both products will be featured in Corning’s booth (#1013) at the 2018 BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition, Feb. 4-8 in Orlando, Florida.

The UniCam high-performance toolkit 2 demonstrates the continued evolution of Corning’s no-epoxy, no-polish connector technology, providing a reduction in the termination time of a single connector as well as improved feedback and guidance throughout the termination process. The new toolkit cuts the number of steps required for connector installation by 45 percent (from 18 steps to just 10), reducing the termination time by as much as 25 percent.

Offering improved operational feedback and guidance, the new installation tool includes an onboard LCD screen made of Corning® Gorilla® Glass. On-screen icons and animations vary and are determined by the tool automatically, based on the type of connector being terminated. If a mistake is detected, the tool will notify the user and advise on how to correct it.

The toolkit also includes a separate 7-inch LCD panel with preloaded, step-by-step videos to guide the user through the termination process. With the elimination of several installation steps and simplified connector loading, the UniCam high-performance toolkit 2 allows installers to more quickly connectorize in the field.

Corning’s UniCam products – including connectors, tool kits, and optimized accessories – provide best-in-class optical performance in a fast, easy field-termination solution.

Corning is also adding the new MTP PRO connector to its portfolio. The MTP PRO connector offers increased flexibility in the field and minimizes the risk of delays for customers leveraging MTP-based solutions. With it, installers can easily change pinning and polarity in the field. With the use of a simple hand-held tool, polarity can be changed and pins can be added or removed, all without removing the connector housing.

Now, when pinning or polarity changes are needed, customers don’t have to order and wait for a new product to arrive. The MTP PRO connector is available for harnesses and jumpers in the EDGE™, EDGE8™, and Plug & Play™ product families. Inventory management can be simplified by stocking these jumpers in the most common configurations and using the tool to quickly add or remove pins, or change polarity as needed.

The UniCam and MTP connector solutions are the result of Corning’s core technologies in optical physics and ceramic science, and are engineered and manufactured through its vapor deposition and precision forming processes.

Corning Optical Communications are a Silver Sponsor of Connected Britain which takes place in London on the 19-20 June 2018. Find out more HERE