Surveys taking place as part of the National Broadband Plan are going ahead

National Broadband Ireland (NBI) won the contract for the nation’s €3 billion National Broadband Plan (NBP) late last year and it has no time to waste if it wants to hit its target of connecting 130,000 premises in the first two years.

Now, NBI has announced that it is currently surveying sites for fibre rollout. One such site is the town of Cavan, situated just south of the Northern Irish border; it is hoped that this town will one day act as a major node of the country’s burgeoning broadband network. 
Covan currently has over 16,000 premises without access to high-speed broadband, but NBI has told Cavan County Council that it could begin building out the fibre later this year, with customers potentially having access to the network sometime during 2021.
Naturally, the coronavirus outbreak has made the process of surveying and laying fibre more complex, but NBI said it is ensuring that all protective and preventative measures necessary regarding the virus are being taken during the outdoor work.
“NBI is very much committed to the ongoing rollout of the NBP, and senior management continue to review the situation daily, in accordance with HSE guidelines,” said a spokesperson.
The NBP is ultimately targetting 536,000 homes and businesses across Ireland, requiring 15,057km of fibre cables to be placed underground and 89,454km over-ground, for a mammoth total of 100,000km of fibre.
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