Press Release

OVHcloud, the global cloud leader and largest European cloud provider, today announced that it has acquired the technology of EXTEN Technologies, Inc., a US-based storage software company specializing in NVMe over Fabrics.

With the acquisition of EXTEN’s technology and team, OVHcloud aims to build and offer to its clients the best performance/price block storage solution in the industry.

Based in Austin, Texas, EXTEN is a technology developer leader and has been a pioneer in NVMe Over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) storage software with over 20 filed patents. EXTEN offers an outstanding disaggregated storage platform that replaces local NVMe drives with flexible shared pools of fault tolerant capacity, without any tradeoff on performance. This allows high availability deployments for performance critical workloads, such as databases, video processing and data analytics.

OVHcloud is committed to enhancing its leadership position in the industry both organically and through unique acquisitions opportunities capable to boost growth and catalyze differentiation in critical areas for development. With the recently announced acquisition of OpenIO, leader of the Object Storage software technology, OVHcloud has demonstrated its ambition to create for its clients the best and most versatile storage offering available on the market. EXTEN’s cutting-edge technologies match with this mission notably addressing the increasing demand for performance focused workloads.
EXTEN’s entire workforce, recognized in the ecosystem for their distinguished technical skills, will integrate OVHcloud’s existing team of experts in the United States and in the rest of the world.

About OVHcloud
OVHcloud is a leading European cloud provider operating over 400,000 servers in its 30 data centres in 4 continents. For 20 years, OVH has been leveraging its integrated model that provides full control of our value chain, from designing our servers to managing our data centres through to orchestrating our fibre-optic network. This unique approach enables OVHcloud to cover, independently, the full spectrum of use cases for our 1.5 million customers in more than 130 countries. OVHcloud now offers customers latest-generation solutions that combine high performance, predictable pricing and full data sovereignty to support their unfettered growth.

About EXTEN Technologies, Inc.
EXTEN Technologies is a pioneer in NVMe over Fabrics software applications. The EXTEN HyperDynamic storage software solution is a fully compliant protocol implementation that provides the highest performance available with less than one microsecond of overhead latency to the most demanding data centers in the world. The EXTEN architecture is the first open standards NVMe solution with no proprietary hardware or software lock-in and includes Redfish® and Swordfish™ support in its REST API offering frictionless integration.