Press Release

"In 2021, cybersecurity has become an everyday problem for business. The pandemic has forced companies to create remote working conditions and move some of their processes beyond cloud platforms and secure office networks.

Today, the data of most companies remains highly vulnerable. According to the latest research, only 5% of company data is properly protected, and cyberattacks are increasing every day. To counter this kind of malice, companies need to make awareness, preven-tion, and security best practices part of their culture. This is the only solution.

Here is the role of companies like Neterra. For more than 25 years we have been an at-tractive place for technology experts and our role is to help businesses adopt and inte-grate new technologies", commented Sergey Burushkin – Product Manager and Head of Market Segments Group at Neterra, during the conference BalReck 2021.

He stressed that guaranteed, uninterrupted Internet, as well as access to the server infra-structure or cloud platform, are critical for business today. This need is becoming more and more aware, and more and more companies are turning to Neterra for a complete solution for connectivity and cybersecurity.

"Managing these services in the right way is often a challenge for IT units in organiza-tions, so we are ready to provide the necessary technical experts to do it for them so that companies make the most of their internal resources in the direction of business pro-jects.", added Sergei.