Speaking during his keynote address at MWC2019, Huawei rotating Chairman Guo Ping called for global 3rd party assurance to cyber security. He said international collaboration was necessary on industry standards and appealed to governments across the world to listen to cyber security experts.

“Huawei is the first company to deploy 5G networks at scale”, Guo said, as he outlined how Huawei has developed the most powerful, simple, and intelligent 5G networks in the world, and argued that such innovation is nothing without security. He urges the industry and governments to work together and adopt unified cyber security standards.

In his keynote address “Bringing you 5G safer, faster, smarter” he raised the following important points:

Guo used the first half of his keynote to outline Huawei’s position as the global leader in 5G but asserted that security is the basis of the company’s commitment to innovation.

“Huawei is the first company that can deploy 5G networks at scale. More importantly, we can deliver the simplest possible sites with better performance.”

“The more we invest in engineering science, the more value we can create. At Huawei, we can bring powerful, simple, and intelligent 5G networks to carriers anywhere in the world, faster than anyone else. Huawei is the global leader in 5G. But we understand innovation is nothing without security.”

Guo responded to recent allegations directed at Huawei by the U.S. government and called for fact-based regulation, referring to the recommendations made by GSMA, the industry organization for mobile network operators worldwide, for governments and mobile operators to work together.

“To build a secure cyber environment for everyone, we need standards, we need fact-based regulation, and we need to work together.”

“To build a system that we all can trust, we need aligned responsibilities, unified standards, and clear regulation.”

Guo went on to say that he agreed with recent recommendations that Governments and mobile operators should work together to agree upon Europe’s assurance testing and certification regime.

He reiterated that “Huawei has not and will never plant backdoors. And we will never allow anyone else to do so in our equipment.” And pointed out the irony that the US CLOUD Act allows their governmental entities to access data across borders.

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