At this year’s Connected Britain conference, we caught up with Andy Bell, Head of Public Sector at ITS Technology Group, to discuss digital transformation in the public sector and why agility is key to meeting diverse requirements

When it comes to digitalisation and the public sector, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. From meeting the connectivity neds of sparsely populated rural areas to those of highly deprived urban areas, the challenges facing local councils and public sector organisations are varied and plentiful.

So, how can the private sector help the public sector meet the growing demand for connectivity across the country?

For ITS’s Andy Bell, working with these organisations successfully is all about getting to grips with the public sector’s unique requirements early in the discussion.

“The demographics of each local council are totally different. You might have really dense areas where we can connect up public sector assets, or you can have other areas of high demand where we must reach out to remote sites and ensure we don’t lose anybody on the journey,” he explained.

“We’re insight led when it comes to the needs of a local council, emergency services, infrastructure, social housing… the list goes on. That early engagement allows us to shape the right outcome.”

But understanding the unique needs of these organisations being dealt with is only half the battle. Perhaps even harder is having the flexibility to meet those needs effectively.

“We’re an agile organisation. We’ve done joint ventures – for example, working with Liverpool City Council and another third-party organisation – and we’ve also done concession agreements,” he explained. “We’ve also got a partner network of over 500 organisations that specialise in local delivery, local services, social housing, or rural broadband, etc. So, we can help give them greater access to more residential, rural sites.”

You can watch our full Connected Britain interview with Andy Bell from the link below.

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