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A new report investigating the state of learning and development, specifically in the telecommunications industry, has unearthed an evolving demand for training amongst telecom professionals. Global technology training provider Mpirical joined forces with the Institute of Telecoms Professionals and the CPD Standards Office in the UK to compile the report that flags some startling insights into the L&D culture across the global telecoms ecosystem.

The initiative set out to get under the skin of continued professional development in telecoms to find out how learning cultures are being formed, how development is rewarded and recognised, and how external factors are influencing a change in attitude towards learning and development across the industry.

The report, published this month, offers an intriguing summary of the survey results and insights that we can all use to help shape Learning and Development in our industry, together.

Telecoms professionals across the globe, in all areas of telecoms ranging in seniority, abilities and roles contributed to the survey, and the results have been eye opening…

Of those surveyed, a staggering 88% agree that Learning and Development opportunities should be part of their standard job entitlement, akin to holidays and salary, whilst 67% of respondents also claimed to have been influenced in some way by the L&D opportunities on offer when deciding to join their current organisation.

This demonstrates how critical it is for organisations across the industry to invest in the training of their teams. Individuals are hungry for the opportunity to learn, and those organisations who can offer robust professional development plans will not only reap the rewards of an upskilled workforce, but instil better employee satisfaction, attract engaged talent and enjoy better staff loyalty as a result.

The Learning and Development in Telecoms 2020 Report also shines a light on the evolving demand for learning, and in particular online, on-demand training facilities. As recent global events have forced much of the world’s business communities to remain at home, Mpirical themselves can testify to the rising demand in video based, distanced learning. With a combination of more time, fewer projects and individuals refocussing their efforts on upskilling, it’s unsurprising that this Spring/Summer saw record usage of Mpirical’s OnlineAnytime training packages.

This rise in demand, was the very reason that spurred the team to delve a little deeper into the Learning and Development appetite and culture in telecoms with this latest report.

Hannah Haworth, Marketing Manager at Mpirical, explains more:

“We’ve been very fortunate due to the nature of our business, that we have seen extraordinary uplift in our online training services in recent months. With many teams unable to fulfill their usual tasks and many projects on light touch or simply on hold across the industry, we saw a huge increase in both individual and team licenses. Which has obviously been great to experience!

But we know, although online training is becoming more popular generally, the sudden surge will not be sustained. It will come of no surprise when we see demand reduce to our usual levels when more of the world becomes accessible and projects can resume. Yet what the unique opportunity has shown us is that demand is there. Individuals are willing to engage with learning. Or at least that’s what we thought – so we decided to find out more. How engaged is the industry to train, and how well equipped are organisations in being able to fulfill that individual and team need? We made a plan to collaborate with some great industry partners to find out how well the need and the demand marry up to the training opportunities being presented in the field. And as you’ll see when the full report comes out, the results really are astounding.”

The Learning and Development in Telecoms 2020 Report is available for download now:

Mpirical provides training in a range of technologies including 5G, 4G, emerging and complementary technologies, across the entire mobile and wireless industry.
The Institute of Telecommunications Professionals (ITP) promotes professional development through professional registration, training, mentoring and qualifications.
The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards Office provides independent accreditation to improve the quality of continuing professional development.