Press Release

Already a leading provider of secure and robust roaming capabilities, Deutsche Telekom International Carrier Sales & Solutions (ICSS) recently upgraded its IP Exchange (IPX) capacities for one of its most prominent IPX customers, Telekom Deutschland.

In May, ICSS increased IPX capacity to 100 Gigabits per second (Gbps). This step was taken in anticipation of new European Union regulations that become effective in June, which mandate the lowering of data roaming costs for mobile subscribers within the EU.

“We are preparing for the expected usage increase this summer. Our customers demand uncompromised, reliable, high-speed data roaming, and we are standing by to deliver,” said Gergely Vadas, head of the Mobile World unit at Deutsche Telekom ICSS.

“Many of our customers will soon be traveling abroad,” said Claudia Bauch, Head of Mobile Wholesale Roaming, Telekom Deutschland GmbH. “With the upgraded IPX capacity, ICSS is ready to support the data roaming boom that probably will result from the decrease of roaming prices for customers in EU.”

The move to apply 100Gbps interfaces for IPX makes ICSS the frontrunner in the IPX provider community. This first 100 G rollout will be quickly followed with multiple network advances, in order to meet the increasing needs of customers.