Deutsche Telekom was ranked as the 24th biggest company in the world, down three places from 2018

Deutsche Telekom has been ranked as the most valuable telecoms brand in Europe, by a leading firm of analysts.

Brand Finance’s Global 5OO report valued Deutsche Telekom at $46.26 billion, making it the second biggest firm in Germany across all industries (after Mercedes Benz).

Deutsche Telekom saw year-on-year growth of 15.2 per cent in its valuation. Since the brand was relaunched in 2008, it has seen its valuation rise by a staggering 420 per cent.  

"The result shows once again that continuity in the brand strategy pays off in the truest sense of the word," commented Hans-Christian Schwingen, chief brand officer at Deutsche Telekom.

"With a view to the BrandZ study, which will be published at the end of the month, we are confident that Deutsche Telekom will again be ranked among the three most valuable brands on the German market.”

Deutsche Telekom has ambitious plans on both the fixed line and mobile network front in 2019, as it looks to simultaneously continue its ultra-fast FTTC and FTTH broadband rollout with its final preparations for 5G rollout.  


Last year, Total Telecom’s Global 100 report ranked Deutsche Telekom as Europe’s biggest telco by revenue. Click here to read the full report.