Press Release

Device Authority, a global leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM) for the Internet of Things (IoT) and TeamViewer, the global connectivity powerhouse, today announce a partnership to improve the connectivity and security of IoT applications, devices and data around the world.

Device Authority’s KeyScaler IoT security platform and TeamViewer’s industry leading connectivity solutions will together provide integrated connectivity, access management and data privacy for global IoT deployments at scale. A horizontal, non-proprietary IoT solution, TeamViewer IoT enables users to easily handle any device endpoint from anywhere in the world in real-time. Device Authority offers synergetic IoT IAM capabilities that build trust for IoT devices and the IoT ecosystem. This partnership emerged from a joint project for an Industrial IoT (IIoT) use case on the PTC’s ThingWorx IoT platform.

“IoT deployments at scale require the collaboration of multiple technology leaders with distinctive expertise and capabilities that integrate seamlessly. In this spirit, Device Authority and TeamViewer have joined forces to offer cutting-edge yet easy-to-deploy IoT solutions that combine operational efficiency with best-in-class security,” said Raffi Kassarjian, General Manager IoT and Monitis at TeamViewer.

“Collaborating with technology and business-orientated organisations, which bring a wealth of experience in their field, is important in the growing IoT ecosystem. TeamViewer understands how to earn trust from customers and has a track record of helping them to successfully connect people, devices, apps, and machines in the hundreds of millions via their network. They also recognise that security is essential when connecting devices,” said Darron Antill, CEO of Device Authority.

“The partnership between TeamViewer and Device Authority exemplifies the PTC Marketplace network effect in action. Collaboration is a critical component for both partners and customers to capitalise on the digital transformation opportunity by accelerating the development and deployment of IIoT solutions. Integrated technologies make the end solutions stronger and the customer buying process easier,” said Drew Quinlan, VP, Strategic Alliances & Ready Partner Program at PTC.

Device Authority and TeamViewer will be at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona on October 16th-18th at Booth A133. The companies will be demonstrating how to monitor IoT devices remotely and access data securely, using PTC ThingWorx platform.