Press Release

High-speed internet access and perfect home networking are two sides of the same coin – this is one of devolo’s core messages at Gigabit Access 2019 on the 2nd and 3rd April in Cologne, which devolo supports as a gold sponsor. devolo’s Sebastian Richter will explain that only the right combination enables a perfect user experience and helps carriers and ISPs to increase customer retention, through his keynote presentation, as well as inclusion in a panel of experts and a roundtable discussion. He will also highlight that powerline technology plays a key role in this – and it also helps to counter a growing threat to WiFi coverage.

“Home networking solutions are ultimately decisive for customer satisfaction, because they bring the power of internet connection to every corner of the home,” says Sebastian Richter, Director Product Management Home Networking at devolo. “The faster the ‘Internet of Things’ moves into our homes, the faster the need for seamless networking will grow, but not every solution can fulfil this need. After all, three aspects are crucial: Network coverage without “dead-zones”, a service level that meets the customer’s expectations, and a high level of user comfort that reduces installation and maintenance time and costs to a minimum.”

Powerline: Save WiFi bandwidth, prevent WiFi problems

For seamless coverage without dead-zones, the combination of powerline communication and mesh WiFi remains the most intelligent solution, because a powerline backbone transports the internet signal over the existing wiring across a property without being impeded by massive ceilings and thick walls.

Nevertheless, home networking encounters a problem that is getting bigger and bigger: The more access points that are used – for example in purely WiFi-based mesh solutions – the greater the battle for bandwidth in frequency bands that already are getting overcrowded. Saving WiFi bandwidth to prevent the threat of a “WiFi meltdown” is therefore becoming increasingly important, and this is achieved by a powerline-based backbone.

Meeting the customer’s expectations

A high level of service requires that customers can get seamless networking anywhere in the house. In addition to striving for new peak rates in data transmission, a home networking solution therefore in practice must offer the highest possible data rates at as many access points in the house as possible. Solutions from devolo fully utilise the advantages of powerline here: current calculations show that the new products enable the speeds required for high-resolution, 4K, virtual reality streaming for almost 90 percent of connections.

Smart network can reduce customer call rates

A fast, seamless network must ultimately also be a smart, intelligent network for the interests of the end customer. Smart WiFi, config sync, mesh and, in the future, ‘easy mesh’ will ensure greater user comfort and thus actively contribute to reducing the call rate at the service hotline. These and other features are part of the idea of the Self Organizing Network (SON), which is increasingly taking shape as network intelligence grows.

devolo delivers tailor-made solutions – even for smaller providers

On the way to perfect home networking, many international carriers rely on devolo’s expertise. The company has been an OEM partner for large and small providers for many years, offering tailor-made hardware and software as well as logistics and refurbishment services on request. While large providers continue to focus on branded products developed especially for them, smaller carriers and ISPs want solutions based on existing devolo products. “We can respond to this growing need by adapting our proven solutions to the requirements of our customers using individual firmware,” says Sebastian Richter. “New offerings are also currently being developed in the managed services area, for updates or remote maintenance”.

Visitors to Gigabit Access in Cologne will find out which solutions devolo offers at stand 9. Meetings with Sebastian Richter can be arranged by sending an e-mail to