Press Release

DIDWW, a leading global provider of virtual phone numbers to operators and businesses all over the world, has further expanded the coverage of its two-way SIP trunking services and voice & SMS-enabled mobile DIDs, which are now available in 17 countries. Thailand and Russia are the latest additions to this solution, which creates unique opportunities for DIDWW customers to implement and benefit from a wide range of business cases.

The Ireland-based telecom operator stands out in the cloud communications industry for its unique feature of providing both SMS and voice functionalities on the same virtual phone number. Through the power of VoIP technology, mobile phone numbers no longer need to be allocated to a specific mobile device. In addition, while being utilized in the cloud, these numbers maintain two-way voice and SMS functionality, making them a huge asset for businesses looking for greater efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. All the above mentioned capabilities may be enabled through the DIDWW self-service User Portal or API.

The extended coverage and an efficient two-way voice and SMS-enabled mobile DIDs service offered by DIDWW provide excellent opportunities for businesses to take advantage of the extensive, available inventory of vanity and gold phone numbers, thereby entering new markets and reaching a diverse customer base. For the latest information on DIDWW coverage, visit the company’s News and Updates page.

Tadas Urbietis, Carrier Relations Manager at DIDWW, stated, “We are excited to expand into new countries and be able to offer efficient and reliable communications with our two-way voice and SMS-enabled mobile DID numbers. This especially applies to Thailand, where we are proud to be innovators in this field and are the first provider to bring this service to a huge potential market.”