Press Release

Cloud-based phone systems offer the benefits of advanced and flexible communication tools that make it easy to expand and scale business operations. DIDWW, a global telecom operator providing first-rate VoIP communications and SIP trunking services, has announced a collaborative partnership with VoIPstudio, a leading provider of a professional-grade cloud telephony system.

This initiative will equip VoIPstudio customers with a highly flexible and scalable VoIP communications solution for smooth business expansion. By leveraging DIDWW’s powerful outbound SIP trunking solution and an extensive phone number inventory, VoIPstudio will enable companies of all sizes to expand across new countries and regions. DIDWW’s fully-compliant services are delivered over a private, global IP network, ensuring a high-level of audio quality, security and reliability in a cost-effective manner.

VoIPstudio has been optimized to be multisite and multi-country, and is supported by distributed hosting in the cloud, providing the responsiveness and reliability that enterprise customers demand. As a result, this solution is highly scalable, and is suitable for single users, all the way up to companies with hundreds of extensions. VoIPstudio enables growing businesses to operate internationally, allowing them to auto-provision global phone numbers instantly from within the application. Ideal for both external and internal communications, VoIPstudio boosts productivity with a complete set of collaboration tools such as conference calling, video conferencing and chat, allowing remote teams to work seamlessly, while ensuring first-class security and outstanding flexibility.

Antoni Vaquer, VoIPstudio Customer Success Specialist, commented, “DIDWW has become a valuable partner for VoIPstudio, helping us to deliver a premium quality service to our international customers by improving call origination and termination stability. Working with DIDWW helped VoIPstudio meet these requirements and drive our international expansion. DIDWW also assisted us in completing complex porting projects and provided us with valuable assistance related to each country’s legal requirements.”

Vilius Valauskas, Key Account Manager at DIDWW, said, “We are thrilled and proud to become partners with VoIPstudio, and look forward to a successful collaboration in providing our high-quality two-way voice services for their diverse customer base.”