Press Release

DIDWW has announced their integration with Microsoft Teams, enabling Microsoft Teams users to add DIDWW two-way SIP trunking services to their Teams platform through direct routing. Customers can now easily access DIDWW extensive global phone number coverage, while supporting their existing workflows on Microsoft Teams. In addition, with this new functionality, users can make and receive phone calls with premium audio quality and enjoy secure and reliable service backed by DIDWW.

SIP trunking provides users the ability to make local, long-distance and international calls over the Internet with virtually unlimited concurrent call capacity. This technology enables cost-effective calling, while at the same time providing flexibility and scalability when compared to traditional telephony. Having all of this powerful and scalable technology integrated with one of the most popular workplace collaboration platforms opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Marius Martinkus, Technical Operations Manager at DIDWW, said, “The last couple of years have significantly changed the way businesses communicate. The use of various online platforms offering workspace chats and videoconferencing has skyrocketed, increasing the demand for quality communication services that are as good, if not better than PSTN. We are proud to enable cloud communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams to interconnect with the traditional telephony network worldwide.”