Press Release

Telephony services and VoIP have become inseparable over the last decade. A major contributor to this has always been SIP trunking, due to this solution’s cost-effectiveness, flexibility and ability to scale without any geographical constraints. DIDWW, a leading global provider of premium quality two-way VoIP and SMS communications, continues to enhance its powerful SIP trunking service by adding local termination in Slovakia, Norway, Albania, Panama, and Argentina, thereby expanding coverage to 40 countries. This solution, an excellent replacement for traditional telephony, is delivered over a private, global IP network, offering virtually unlimited call capacity and flexible SIP trunk settings, allowing customers to make truly local calls.

DIDWW has developed its SIP trunking solution to assist companies of any size in expanding their local or international business communications. Being exceptionally secure and reliable, this service guarantees a high level of audio quality and even provides emergency calling in certain countries. The DIDWW SIP trunking solution is coupled with flexible configuration options to meet any business requirement. All of this is accompanied by two-way calling to and from networks all around the world. In addition, management of the outbound SIP trunk is completely self-service, allowing users to set up and make instant changes to their configurations through the DIDWW online portal.

Tadas Urbietis, Carrier Relations Manager at DIDWW, added, “We strive to constantly expand our coverage and to offer VoIP services with superior voice quality and unrestricted scalability. The new additions to the SIP trunking solution will enable our customers to seamlessly grow their business in global markets.”