Press Release

Digital Alert Systems, the global leader in emergency communications solutions for media providers, today announced its all-new Software Assurance Plan for the company’s award-winning family of emergency alert system (EAS) devices. For a small annual fee, customers can now ensure they are always in compliance with current requirements thanks to automatic notifications that indicate new software releases are available.

"There are three irrefutable laws of EAS: It’s not going away, it will change, and you must comply. And that last one, staying in compliance, has never been more important than now during this time of pandemic and national emergency," said Bill Robertson, VP of Business Development, Digital Alert Systems. "At the same time, we know what a challenge it is to monitor and maintain EAS equipment to keep pace with the latest FCC rules, IPAWS improvements, and staying on top of critical security updates."

Available to all customers running Version 4.0 software, the Software Assurance Plan not only offers an update to the current Version 4.1, but ensures that members automatically receive all future software releases at no additional charge — including new features, fixes, and security updates. Version 4.1 strengthens EAS/CAP security and compliance management through a substantial series of security-minded features, along with several new functions and improvements in response to a wide range of customer requests and in line with the latest FCC compliance requirements. The company has already announced that its forthcoming V4.2 which will be available to all Software Assurance Plan members upon release.

In addition, Software Assurance Plan members receive discounts on repairs, including parts and labor, and discounts on additional software license keys. If the member’s current hardware platform is no longer supported by any future software release, Digital Alert Systems will replace the hardware at a discount.

"With our new Software Assurance Plan, customers can budget the small and manageable costs of software maintenance on an annual basis," added Ed Czarnecki, senior director for strategy and government affairs. "They can say goodbye to larger periodic upgrade charges, or worse, falling behind on critical updates and facing large, non-compliance fines. This plan is an inexpensive solution that simplifies the entire process, so customers can attend to more pressing matters."

More information about the Digital Alert Systems Software Assurance Plan is available at