Press Release

The nonprofit organisation Open Identity Exchange (OIX) is urging organisations that have been considering the adoption of digital IDs to take action now or risk getting left behind. The OIX and its members across the globe believe that we are one step away from a world based on digital ID becoming a reality. It is no longer a ‘choice’ and major stakeholders in all sectors are working on making it happen.

But, there is still uncertainty about what it really means especially for those teams in organisations that will come to rely on it heavily – risk, compliance, product, marketing, fraud. And this is one cause for hesitancy around digital ID.

As a result, the OIX is holding a major conference in London, UK – The Identity Trust Conference – Making Digital ID a Reality – on Thursday 14th October 2021.

It’s not just another digital ID event focused on solutions, technology, security, biometrics and the wider economic benefits of digitalisation. This one will cut through all the digital ID ‘noise’ and really drive home the meaning and benefits of digital ID for those who will need to rely on it.

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To register your interest in the event, please contact Stephanie Meli