Changes in the telecom environment and the explosion of data demand vastly better ways of managing, examining, and communicating telecoms information

The industry is asking for new digital tools that show the complete picture and provide powerful insights – insights that include exceptional visualisation on any device, anywhere, at any time. Telecoms businesses around the world are turning to location intelligence as the basis for delivering transformational increases in effectiveness in every corner of their business. The underlying technology driving this transformation is Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and the market leading GIS platform is Esri’s ArcGIS, which is uniquely enabling telcos to create a system of engagement across their business.


What is a system of engagement and how does it deliver digital transformation?

True digital transformation comes through empowering everyone in the organisation to access the best information and applications. Organisations need to empower their employees with the right information and technology to drive better decision making, greater collaboration, as well as greater efficiencies and the resulting productivity gains.

This pattern of technology implementation is often referred to as a system of engagement, and it is designed to enable everyone within an organisation to access the information they need to carry out their daily tasks more effectively. It complements an organisation’s investment across all its line of business systems by providing convenient access to data as well as easy-to-use applications that enable collaboration across the organisation.


How exactly do you achieve a successful system of engagement?

Create a single means for users who have appropriate permissions to access authoritative data, using any device at any time. The solution should build on existing technology and data investments. Most telcos have already invested in a range of business systems, however, the problem is this data is not widely accessible to everyone who needs it across the organisation. Fundamental to a successful system of engagement implementation is that data should be unlocked and made widely available to those that need it, based on user credentials.

ArcGIS facilitates this, enabling telcos to discover new possibilities for their data, exposing it through user-focused, simple, and intuitive applications that facilitate daily workflows. It provides a sustainable technology environment that supports continual innovation and re-uses data and web services to build specific applications. All of this is provided through off the shelf technology that is highly configurable. Importantly, this avoids the challenges of over customisation that have plagued IT projects of the past and ensures a flexible, low-risk and successful solution.

Once the majority of workflows across a telco are supported by targeted applications, and everyone from senior executives to the field workers can collect and rely on current and consistent information, a smooth transition is enabled from information silos to a dynamic, information enabled environment. Innovation becomes a continual process and enhancements are made in communciations and decision-making. This system of engagement approach, delivered through location intelligence based on ArcGIS, is transforming telcos and building confidence to respond to the disruptive trends of the future.


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