In the run up to the Gigabit Access and Networks 4.0 event in Cologne this week, Total Telecom caught up with Oyovwe Okorodudu, AVP EMEA at HGC, to discuss the key trends affecting the industry

What trends are you noticing developing in the industry at the moment?

Digital transformation in the telco industry is ongoing to enhance the efficiency and agility in network and services provision to customers. In HGC, we continue to enrich HGC Marketplace by SDN and SD-WAN to support value-added NFV services, and expose HGC services via APIs with industry standard  

Besides, we also see the growing demand of one-stop end-to-end ICT solutions in addition to connectivity solutions, HGC expands its service scope and deliver customised solutions for enterprises, OTT, etc. 

Revenue generate cloud system infrastructure services, eg SDN, PaaS, IaaS, Cloud Management and Security Services, 5G and IoT are expected to be the key focus of the industry


How important is the role of virtualisation in Europe’s quest for gigabit connectivity?

There is no escaping the fact that Virtualization is a key cornerstone of a network ecosystem that is growing rapidly. The increasing adoption of internet-connected devices across Europe and the growing popularity of 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), is requiring operators to think differently.


What new technologies are you particularly excited about at the moment?

HGC is primarily interested in revenue generate services. HGC launches new solutions riding on new emerging technologies like HGC Marketplace by SDN, SD-WAN and API framework as enablers. HGC Marketplace allows for zero touch service provisioning, flexible & scalable services offering within DC-DC, DC to public cloud and will extend to private cloud services, colocation, other value-added services, etc.

Customers are asking for global on demand services as such we continue on developing more partnership and cooperation via APIs to meet needs.

We are also looking to enhance further by having remote access to various internet exchanges from our Data Centre


What predictions do you have for the industry over the next 12-18 months?

We predict more SDN federation via API and more SD-WAN via partnership and collaborations.

We also expect to see operators transforming their technology and operation through digital transformation, virtualisation and automation, as well as more customised IP services to specific eyeballs.


What are you hoping to achieve at the Gigabit Access and Networks 4.0 event this year?

Continuing to develop partnerships essential to building tomorrow’s networks, evolving with high degree of automation, agility and innovation through Gigabit Access Networks conference

Pinpointing the need of new customers and discuss about one-stop HGC network solutions, eg HGC newly launched HGC Telco-Services Marketplace riding on SDN, and SDWAN, dedicated Asia IP route, Hong Kong Backhaul and Dark fiber opportunities.

Opportunities in Cloud connectivity including AWS Direct Connect, Google Cloud Interconnect, Microsoft Azure.

Continuous collaboration of new partners and different local service providers to enrich HGC SDN, SD-WAN Network with carriers, OTTs and developers.

Exploring and identifying ICT and WAN business opportunities especially into Hong Kong, China, Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS), Middle East and Africa.