Press Release

Digitalk is excited to announce that Vovida, a leading provider of wholesale international voice services based in London, has launched a new marketplace for wholesale voice interconnection, Vovida Fast Pay, based on Digitalk Carrier Cloud.

Today, credit gaps between large and smaller carriers undermines the ability of Tier 1 carriers to find new routes and connectivity, while preventing smaller stakeholders from growing their businesses – which creates friction in an industry where speed and efficiency matter.

Vovida Fast Pay solves this problem by offering a one-stop-shop for interactions between carriers. It offers Tier 1 carriers access to several smaller, more nimble players to deliver their traffic to specific destinations. The new marketplace unlocks fast, flexible routing control for high-change destinations so that Tier 1 carriers receive hand-crafted least-cost routes that they can manage and customise to fit their business needs – while enabling challenger carriers to forge new relationships and grow their businesses.

As a result, Vovida’s customers can secure significant and sustained improvements in margins. They are able to increase the value of their partnerships with other carriers while decreasing their own workload when it comes to evaluating and establishing such partnerships.

The key to unlocking the potential of real-time data to underwrite these transactions is by accessing tools that deliver real-time revenue assurance, accounting and reporting. Digitalk Carrier Cloud provided the ideal solution.

“We saw the Carrier Cloud platform offered by Digitalk, and we knew it would be the perfect tool to help solve the incompatibility issues that Tier 1 and challenger carriers face,” said Saj Nabhan, CEO of Vovida. “Using the platform, we built a marketplace solution on which we could connect carriers, provide a credit line to them, while protecting our exposure thanks to real-time credit control along with accelerated payment and transaction processing.”

With Digitalk Carrier Cloud wholesale voice operator platform, Vovida Fast Pay automates the creation of ‘gold-standard’ CDRs containing accurate, real-time data from carrier interactions.

“The Carrier Cloud platform also plays a role in the ability to provide the least-cost routes for Tier 1 carriers,” said Neil French, Digitalk’s CTO. “It exemplifies yet another way that real-time data sets the solution apart from the rest – by unlocking opportunities that carriers normally wouldn’t have access to, all from one solution.”

The solution is backed by a FTSE 100 provider of finance corporate solutions, meaning that the cash flow and insurance underwriting in its workflow is dependable and guaranteed up to a maximum for each carrier. This gives smaller carriers the confidence they need to form long-lasting partnerships with Tier 1 carriers, while challengers can continue to manage their processes in the way that best fits their business.

For more information, contact Andrew Minns, VP Carrier Cloud at