Press Release

Digitel Corporation, a leading mobile network operator in Venezuela, has signed an agreement with Optiva for a multi-year support renewal and upgrade of its online charging system.

Digitel Corporation will leverage the system upgrade and next-generation convergent platform to further enhance its capabilities to innovate with agility and ease in terms of creating new service offerings to the market going forward. Digitel’s mission includes investing in telecom innovation to guide and strengthen social development in its country. A telecom pioneer, it was the first to offer a 4G LTE network in Venezuela. The future and long-term growth for new revenue streams will be focused on areas that include VoLTE, 5G and IoT.

“We have chosen to continue our six-year partnership with Optiva and the technology innovation they bring to us in order to strengthen our market position and achieve our strategic business goals for supporting the Venezuelan market with new services and innovative product offerings,” said Luis Bernardo Pérez, Executive Vice President of Digitel.

“Digitel provides its nation with access to connectivity, reliable communication and innovative technology, putting it at the forefront of harnessing innovation to accelerate the success of its company, country and customers,” said John Giere, President and CEO of Optiva. “We value that commitment and its trust in Optiva, and we welcome the opportunity to continue supporting its mission-critical operations to accelerate the velocity of its continued transformation and growth.”