Press Release

Sparkle, the international service arm of TIM Group and among top 10 global service providers, has been selected by Digitel Venezuela as its own SMS Firewall provider and exclusive international SMS A2P gateway.

Through such customized solution Sparkle will ensure that all Application to Person types of SMS delivered to Digitel’s end customers will be accounted for and monetized, while at the same time blocking all illegal “grey routes”.

The volume of Latin American SMS "Grey Market" has been estimated at around 53 BLN SMS/year which translates into circa US$1.7 billion of missed revenues for Latin American operators in 2017. For Venezuela the yearly Grey SMS market volume has been estimated at 2,5 BLN SMS that equals US$70 MLN of missed revenues in 2017, according to research firm Mobilesquared.

After only 72 hours from the service activation Sparkle was able to block 90% of Digitel grey traffic and reroute it so that it could be billed in favor of Digitel Venezuela.

Sparkle SMS Firewall can be considered as the last frontier in SMS traffic protection, with grey traffic detected and blocked without the need of installing any hardware or software at Mobile Operator network level.

SMS Booster is the result of a partnership with 365squared, a successful combination of Sparkle’s wide SMS global footprint and 365squared SMS traffic intelligence and filtering expertise.