Press Release

Ayo Telecom, established in 2016, is on a mission from its base in Glasgow, Scotland, to disrupt the UK telecoms industry in its current form. As part of BT’s announcement that all existing ISDN phone-lines will be disconnected by 2025, and support ‘revoked’ by 2020, AyoTel are on a mission to ensure SME’s across Scotland and the UK are ready for the switch. Co-Founder and CEO, Tom Milne, outlined ‘Our sole purpose is to supply, fit and maintain the latest internet-based phone equipment to businesses, as part of the 2020 BT Switchover. Typically, our customers are seeing up to 50% (or more) savings compared to their original telecom suppliers by switching to an AyoTel system, and enhancing their existing customer services and day-to-day management hugely with the features our systems bring’. Ayo Telecom also offers the supply and maintenance of ‘Gigabit’ fibre internet lines, of which businesses can see internet speeds of up to 1,000mpbs, supplied through UK Government grants of up to £3,000 – essentially covering the cost of the upgrade. Accredited partners of Unify group (formerly known as SIEMENS), AyoTel equipment and lines are the ‘best of the best’, all coming warranted for years ahead.

Fancy improving your business customer service and savin up to 50% or more on your current telecoms & broadband bills? Let AyoTel know!

Landline; 0141 639 9275