Finnish telco experiencing increased demand for services based on long-range, low-power sensor data

Finland’s DNA on Tuesday revealed it has expanded the coverage of its NB-IoT network in response to growing demand from corporate customers.

The telco’s network now reaches 85% of the population, and in geographical terms covers about half of southern, western, and central Finland.

"We are expanding the NB-IoT service area based on customer needs. Demand is increasing," said Jarkko Laari, director of radio networks at DNA, in a statement.

"The Internet of Things (IoT) sets new kinds of challenges for the use of network resources, as the number of connected devices will multiply. NB-IoT contributes to the answer to these challenges," he said.

In May, DNA discussed a pilot service it launched in partnership with local companies and Ericsson that monitored the humidity and air quality in retail store.

DNA said at the time that it would consider extending NB-IoT coverage later in the year based on customer need.

"The tests conducted last spring showed that NB-IoT technology makes it possible to connect an increasingly broad range of devices to the network cost-efficiently," DNA said on Tuesday. "With the technology, more diverse sensors and devices in increasingly challenging locations can be connected to [the] network and thereby assist in the monitoring of, for instance, air quality, sewer networks, or the storage percentage of warehouses."