Press Release

Cataleya, leader in real time communication networking technology innovation, was selected by Dockland Data Centre Limited (DDCL), a Tier 2-3 modern Data Centre Facility, to deploy its next-generation session border controller (SBC) Orchid One. DDCL will use Orchid One to transform its Switch Partition service into a service enablement solution for delivering a high performance switching environment.

Orchid One enables DDCL to build out its Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering and provide its customers with new network functions and critical visibility into network performance. With access to a simple web-based management and real-time reporting platform, DDCL customers are able to centrally configure their SLA terms and alarms in each interconnect.

“Scalability is key to global traffic management. Recently we have seen an increasing number of customers come to us and ask for a self-managed service, where they can configure switching changes by themselves,” said Raja Srisuthan, Operations Manager of DDCL. “Orchid One enables us to provide our customers with such a service, allowing them to simplify the management of their entire ecosystem through a single platform.”

Orchid One was specifically designed to address the need for end-to-end Quality of Service and Experience in IP networks. Its capacity of up to 100,000 sessions per 2RU allows DDCL to reduce its equipment footprint and benefit from significant power savings. All of these, help DDCL to offer its customers a switching solution that provides them with the stability they need to deliver advanced communications services.

“Today, more and more Voice carriers are looking to others for help managing their back end switching systems including OSS/BSS. They want all of this in a gift-wrapped solution that requires minimal effort and cost. Essentially what they are asking for is a service enablement solution,” says Andreas Hipp, CEO and Chairman of Cataleya. “DDCL is using our Orchid One SBC to provide exactly that. We are excited to see this unique application come into play and enable intelligent traffic management to more customers around the world.”