Press Release

Dubber Corporation Limited, today announced that it has significantly expanded its partnership with Cisco as the preferred and embedded compliant call recording platform. Cisco® Webex and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Cloud (UCM) will now include Dubber call recording as part of all Cisco Webex Calling and UCM services at no additional cost to users.

The expanded offering means that Cisco will provide Webex Calling and UCM users with the ability to record any and all conversations as an included feature of their Webex subscription. If a user or business requires additional features such as extended storage, video recording, transcription, sentiment analysis or AI-enriched insights, they can simply upgrade their Dubber plan from within Cisco’s Control Hub with immediate access and effect.

Business users that have compliance or regulatory requirements to record and store calls can easily ensure recording, replay and data storage via the Cisco Webex platform, meeting their compliance obligations, regardless of the employee work location – a major concern for businesses as a result of the significant shift to remote and hybrid workforce arrangements.

“Expanding our relationship with Cisco marks a major milestone in increasing the ubiquity of Dubber as the Unified Call Recording and voice data layer for the world’s leading collaboration platforms,” said Steve McGovern, CEO, Dubber. “Our strong relationship with Cisco has been an important part of our growth as a company and we share a common vision of the way that voice data will become a critical resource for all businesses and users in the future.”

Cisco as a Foundation Partner

Cisco will become Dubber’s first major Foundation Partner. The Dubber Foundation Partner Program utilises the scale and native cloud capability of the Dubber platform, enabling a service provider to embed Dubber within their core service and make basic call recording available for every user as a standard feature. Dubber and its Foundation Partners are then able to cross and upsell richer functionality for compliance, AI services, additional storage, insights and more.

“Launching Dubber call recording for all Cisco Webex Calling and UCMC users is a natural next step and extension of our close relationship,” added McGovern. “Dubber Foundation substantially enhances Cisco’s Cloud Call offerings by enabling customers with a required capability as a standard feature while providing for the broader journey whereby the content of calls can be transformed into rich, usable data for compliance, productivity, insights and customer engagement.

“Customers worldwide are responding to increased regulatory and compliance obligations for their businesses. Embedding tools, like Dubber call recording, as a standard service that is available to Webex users will help customers meet those requirements while enabling easy access to powerful advanced voice data services,” said Lorrissa Horton, Vice President and General Manager of Webex Calling and Online.

“The Foundation Partner Program provides Dubber with a significant additional revenue stream while preserving our current revenue models and creating the opportunity to accelerate growth in our core products. Having 100% of a customer base enabled provides Dubber and Cisco the opportunity to significantly drive consumption and uptake of call recording and voice data services on the platform,” said McGovern.

As well as being an embedded solution, Dubber addresses critical data, privacy and regulatory requirements while providing a simple and easy pathway to richer functionality as it is required. Dubber recordings and AI-enriched data can easily be unified in the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud alongside conversations from other end-points such as land-lines and mobile.

“Business and Government require more than personal call recording,” said James Slaney, COO, Dubber. “They need conversations to be captured in a way that is compliant and converted to data for revenue intelligence, dispute resolution, proactive compliance and customer service. Today’s announcement is proof not only of the scalability of Dubber, but the potential we and Cisco see in tapping voice data to improve the performance of businesses and governments worldwide.”