The Dutch authorities have requested more time to evaluate the financial impact of 5G, in order to accurately set spectrum pricing

Holland’s multi frequency 5G spectrum auction has been further delayed, as the country’s Ministry of Finance asked for more time to asses the financial impact of 5G on the country’s economy.

The Ministry of Finance said that it needs more time to conduct the research necessary to set opening prices for the auction.

The auction was originally slated to take place in early 2018 but has been delayed multiple times since then.  The multi frequency auction will auction off blocks in a wide range of spectrum bands, which will ultimately give telcos a broad portfolio of spectrum with which to launch their 5G services.

However, Holland is yet to auction off any 5G spectrum, with operators also waiting for a forthcoming sale of 3.5GHz spectrum, with which they can launch their initial 5G offerings.

Analysts predict that it will take at least two or 3 months for Holland’s Ministry of Finance to conduct their research and agree on their recommendations for 5G pricing. 

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