Press Release

Through experience exchanges and capacity building training, the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) and the Comisión Tecnica Regional de Telecomunicaciones (COMTELCA) aim to expand innovation in radio spectrum management and increase the benefits of the digital economy.

This MoU will contribute to the formulation of actions aimed at innovation in radio spectrum management, with special focus on COMTELCA Member countries (Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico) and within the framework of the COMTELCA’s Strategic Plan. It will also facilitate cooperation between the parties and support the implementation of spectrum sharing projects in COMTELCA Member countries.

Through the exchange of studies and workshops, the DSA and COMTELCA aim to facilitate better-informed spectrum rulings in the future to drive the movement towards adopting new technologies according to their local requirements, connecting underserved communities and offering improved services.

The capacity building activities will include training courses and workshops that will cover a diverse range of dynamic spectrum access models and discover the potential of its social and economic impact on parts of the world. Additionally, they will facilitate cooperation to support the implementation of spectrum sharing projects in the region and pave the way for even more significant progression in terms of connectivity.

"We are glad to start working alongside COMTELCA, we hope that this cooperation will help to develop a clear understanding of the possibilities enabled by dynamic spectrum sharing models and their impact upon inhabitants of the member countries,” said Martha Suárez, DSA President. “Our goal is to incentivize the wider adoption of new innovative spectrum management models for the benefit of the entire region.”

“We believe that this initiative will be of great value to our countries, since it will promote better and greater use of the radioelectric spectrum,” said Allan Ruiz Madrigal, Executive Secretary of COMTELCA. “We hope that together we can cooperate to improve the quality of life of our population, as well as that of small and medium-sized enterprises and productive sectors.”

COMTELCA is an organization which promotes the integration and development of telecommunications in its member countries. Its priority is to meet citizen needs by providing regulatory harmonization between nations.

Digital inclusion and digital transformation are key to economic growth and societal development; the DSA has worked for many years to advocate dynamic spectrum access and spectrum sharing technologies. Dedicated to connecting those in underserved regions, the Alliance welcomes this cooperation agreement with COMTELA and looks forward to a productive partnership and the potential for dynamic spectrum access technologies to progress worldwide.