Press Release

DASAN Zhone Solutions, Inc. (NSDQ: DZSI or “DZS”), a leading enabler of the emerging hyper-connected, hyper-broadband world, is proud to announce a new three-year, $66 million contract to supply LG U+ with Fiber-to-the-Home solutions and switch-es, including co-development of ultra-low latency 100 Gbps mobile backhaul switches for 5G mo-bile services. Starting June 1, 2020, this contract secures the position of DZS as a strategic suppli-er to LG U+ and provides the opportunity to continue to develop new business with them in the future.

“LG U+ continues to be one of the world’s most innovative and agile operators, and we are hon-ored to be a close strategic supplier to them,” said Yung Kim, Chief Executive Officer, DZS. “We share a common vision that a new era of hyper-connectivity facilitated by hyper-broadband is upon us, and both companies are laser focused on meeting the opportunities and challenges of this new world head-on. We at DZS thrive on matching the promise of cutting-edge technology and innova-tion with service providers seeking to redefine how the world communicates, transacts, and enter-tains itself, and we look forward to helping leaders like LG U+ push the boundaries of what is pos-sible.”

As a global provider of leading-edge access, 5G transport, and enterprise communications plat-forms, DZS is enabling the emerging hyper-connected, hyper-broadband world that arms service providers worldwide with the network resources and deployment freedom they need to lead in their markets and deliver an unrivaled communications experience. This contract with LG U+ highlights trends that DZS is seeing across its business as carriers expand their relationships with the com-pany in areas ranging from traditional broadband access to switching, 5G, and enterprise. As new applications like 5G, AR/VR, autonomous driving, and ultra HD video begin to drive up network capacity and performance requirements and create opportunities for new services, DZS is finding new ways to engage and add value to its customers.