EE’s latest Mobile Network Index report has revealed huge growth in 5G usages in the UK.
5G traffic grew more than 40% month on month between October and December 2020 with video content growing by 30%.  
The top four services and apps on EE’s 5G network in this period were YouTube, Facebook, Netflix and Instagram. Top locations for 5G traffic were London, Birmingham and Manchester in England, Glasgow in Scotland, and Cardiff in Wales.
Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s Consumer Division, said: “As we roll out the 5G network to more places, it’s clear that customers are starting to use it more and are making the most of its faster speeds and reliable performance. With more 5G devices arriving on the market and the network available in 125 towns and cities across the UK, it’s interesting to see inhabitants of London, Birmingham and Manchester emerging as the most popular users of 5G on our mobile network, with video streaming remaining as popular as ever.
“With the heightened restrictions over the festive period and New Year’s Eve for many of us, we saw some notable changes in the ways our customers are using our mobile network. The role of providing a brilliant and high performing network continues to grow in importance, and I’m pleased that the EE network is able to play its role in helping deliver a great experience for our customers.”