Press Release

Effortel, the mobile virtual network operator and enabler (MVNO/E), today announced that it was selected by Russia’s VTB Bank to develop and manage its mobile service offering VTB Mobile. The recently launched MVNO provides customers with a service that combines mobile voice and data with mobile banking services. Effortel’s platform is fully integrated with VTB’s digital banking infrastructure to support, and deliver, a unified customer service and sales process.

Effortel has enabled VTB to deploy an MVNO that is aligned with its core retail banking services. The integrated mobile proposition is underpinned by Effortel’s EMS (Effortel Mobile Suite), an intelligent and automated platform that supports billing, CRM and marketing. The platform facilitates targeted marketing and cross-promotion of both VTB’s banking and mobile products and also supports a customer loyalty programme. The programme is linked to VTB’s Multicard credit and debit card service. Multicard customers using the mobile service are rewarded with free bundles when they reach a certain spend threshold.

The EMS platform is applicable to both MNOs and enterprises looking to supplement their core offering with an MVNO service. It can be deployed at scale and significantly reduces the service provider’s dependence on an MVNE through the automation of service enablement, marketing and business intelligence processes. Effortel has already deployed the platform in other global markets to enable financial services brands to launch MVNOs. Effortel has been instrumental in helping banks to overcome the technical and regulatory challenges associated with the digital on-boarding of customers.

Arkadi Panitch, Founder and CEO of Effortel explained: “We’re seeing more and more financial services brands adopt mobile services. We’re delighted to be working with VTB and support its strategy to diversify into new areas. Using our platform VTB was able to develop a mobile service offering that complies with banking regulations and customer document management processes. This means that new and existing banking customers can be on-boarded quickly and with ease. This has accelerated subscriber activations and opened up the service to a much bigger market.”

Liudvikas Andriulis, Chief Marketing Officer at Effortel, added: “MVNOs support a brand’s growth strategy and our platform has helped a number of financial services businesses to attract a new set of customers and offer integrated banking services. Kenya’s Equity Bank, one of the largest banks in Africa, launched an MVNO on our platform and has seen the customer base grow to 5 million subscribers. The scope for VTB, Russia’s second largest bank, is potentially greater. We will continue to work with financial services brands to help them develop their integrated service offering and improve the customer journey through with our intelligent and automated platform.”