Press Release

Effortel, the mobile virtual network operator and enabler (MVNO/E), today announced the official launch of its EMS (Effortel Mobile Suite) platform. Developed for both MVNOs and MNOs (mobile network operators), the EMS platform is a fully automated system that is designed to drive greater usage of mobile services through highly-targeted and timely promotions and marketing campaigns. It can be deployed at scale and significantly reduces service providers’ dependence on MNVEs through the automation of service enablement, marketing and business intelligence processes.

The platform has received industry recognition. Effortel EMS was named Best MVNE at the MVNOs Awards 2019 in Amsterdam last week, an award that Effortel has now won three years in a row. Effortel EMS has already been adopted by three MVNOs, and is being deployed by two international banks to support their MVNO deployments – incorporating mobile banking, payment transfers and other services.

A key feature of the platform is its ability to enable real-time business intelligence to support subscriber marketing campaigns and customer engagement programmes on a massive scale. Previously, it was only possible to target small numbers of subscribers, but Effortel EMS can be used to collect, aggregate and process usage data on an individual subscriber level, across the entire subscriber base of an MVNO or even a large mobile operator. The platform produces actionable business intelligence based on real-time information, which is then used to drive marketing and promotional campaigns directed at customers via USSD, SMS, email or over social media channels. The platform then continues to monitor activity in real-time, with a view to executing further actions once a subscriber reaches a predefined threshold, or meets other set criteria.

Arkadi Panitch, Founder and CEO, Effortel: “With Effortel EMS it’s now possible for MVNOs and mobile operators to have complete visibility of customer behaviour and activity at any given moment. Service providers can then act on this information to launch highly-targeted marketing campaigns, to promote upgrades and service bundles. However, with our automated platform, it’s now possible to execute campaigns across large subscriber bases made up of hundreds and thousands, even millions, of customers.”

Liudvikas Andriulis, Chief Marketing Officer at Effortel, added: “The platform provides marketing capabilities on an unprecedented scale to drive ARPU, while also significantly reducing operational costs. The platform is now live and out in the market and we’re very happy that it received an accolade at the MVNOs Awards, because it represents the next phase in MVNE innovation, providing our customers with subscriber intelligence and automated marketing processes.”

Based on a microservices architecture, Effortel EMS represents the latest advances in software development and the implementation of open source technology in a telecoms environment. It significantly reduces service providers’ dependence on MVNEs as they are no longer reliant on third party developers for new features or products, or support for the management and execution of marketing campaigns.