Press Release

This week, the Connected Home Customer Experience received a boost with the Veego Self-Care app. Veego’s new mobile app supports Internet Service Providers by enabling non-technical home internet users to get real-time insights of their home device use. Users also have the ability to fine-tune their experience with recommended quick fixes that proactively improve connectivity and performance.

The Veego Self-Care app provides a window into all currently connected devices, live applications, and services. Users simply tap on any displayed device or component to obtain more information about its Wi-Fi reception, network load, cloud status, and performance, or any problems they may encounter. When Veego identifies a problem, the application will provide an alert with easy-to-follow recommendations for fixing the problem or directs them to contact the correct service center.

As a result, ISP/telco customers gain superior insights into the quality of Internet service compared to what has been available previously. Directly from their mobile device, users can view Connected Home topology and the health of all network components and active devices. By double-clicking on any displayed device or component, users can obtain information on performance; whether from cloud applications, CSP services, Wi-Fi networks, and end-user devices. The app identifies the actual source of Quality of Experience problems and eliminates the need for common customer calls to the CSP’s Customer Care department.

The Veego Self-Care app also forecasts network quality, enabling users to check and adapt their home network before important activities such as game tournaments or video conferences.

For advanced users, Veego Self-Care furnishes useful statistics and measurements such as the latency of currently active applications (critical to gamers), packet loss rates, and other indicators of network and session health. The company also offers a white-label version of the app that can be branded by Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and distributed to their subscribers to increase engagement and customer loyalty.

“By running our breakthrough AI-based product, CSPs have been able to dramatically improve their understanding of each customer’s Quality of Experience,” stated Denis Sirov, Veego’s CTO. “We are now able to pack all of our acquired intelligence into a simple, easy-to-use smartphone app that lets CSP customers manage their connected home and optimize their experience.”