Press Release

Enxoo, a Salesforce® partner and leading provider of telecom-specific digital transformation solutions, has partnered with LastMileXchange (LMX), a global leader in access quote automation, to simplify and accelerate global carrier quoting and pricing processes. LMX and Enxoo’s joint solution removes the need for manual, time consuming access quoting, delivering a true end-to-end real-time carrier quoting and sales journey.

The joint solution combines the telco-specific Enxoo configure-price-quote (CPQ) engine with LMX’s industry-leading global access quoting platform, connecting 400+ access vendors worldwide.

“Service providers are increasingly being challenged to move with greater agility to meet their customers’ rising expectations. Today, enterprises need services to be delivered on-demand, on-time and at-the-click. However, a traditional carrier access pricing process still relies either on a dedicated costing team, tiresome customer-by-customer negotiations or non-binding price books. This slows down the entire sales process considerably, making it nearly impossible to handle on-demand requests,” said Artur Ostrowski, Chief Commercial Officer at Enxoo. “Together with LMX, we have developed a solution that automates processes and makes it easy for service providers to offer access network services on-demand and in real-time.”

Enxoo for Communications (EFC) provides telecom operators with a comprehensive industry-specific BSS. The backbone of the solution consists of a CPQ engine and a full-suite product catalogue with configurable products, pricing and approval rules to create complex quotes. In addition, EFC offers end-to-end automation in the areas of customer management, order management, service assurance and billing.

“We are excited to be partnering with Enxoo and bring service providers all the benefits that come from access quote automation. Enxoo and LMX have a shared vision for simple and seamless quote to cash processes which bring service providers the efficiency and service agility they are craving. This is a rare opportunity to help service providers deliver fast, accurate quotes, which in turn will drive radical sales acceleration and profitability,” said James Grant, Founder and Commercial Director at LMX.

The LMX cloud-native platform allows carriers to quickly identify the optimal access solution, by aggregating 400+ access providers’ APIs, rate cards and price books in one unified platform. Through this process, the LMX platform supports both buying and selling carriers with their quoting digitization. As a global leader in quote automation, LMX empowers service providers to meet three of their most pressing objectives: improve efficiency, win more profitable business, while minimizing costs.