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Epsilon, a privately-owned global communications Service Provider, has partnered with SEAX Singapore to establish its first Point of Presence (PoP) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The deployment will extend Epsilon’s global reach in the Asia Pacific, enabling its customers and partners to interconnect with an ecosystem of network operators in Malaysia.

This partnership will allow Epsilon’s customers and partners to interconnect at the new PoP using the Infiny by Epsilon Software-Defined Networking (SDN) platform. Service providers and enterprises in Malaysia will gain on-demand access to an interconnected mesh of over 100 data centres, world-leading Cloud Service Providers (CSP) and major Internet Exchanges (IX) on Epsilon’s global network fabric. With Infiny, users can provision a suite of high-performance connectivity and intelligent communications services via a web-based portal, APIs and mobile apps.

“Malaysia is a rapidly growing economy focused on the transformation of digital infrastructure and ecosystems. With the launch of our new PoP in Kuala Lumpur, our customers and partners can now interconnect with local service providers to support their customers’ growth across the region. We are also bringing new connectivity options for service providers and enterprises in Malaysia to connect regionally and globally on-demand using Infiny,” said Jerzy Szlosarek, CEO at Epsilon. “Together with SEAX, we are excited to extend our presence into this dynamic market to supercharge the growth of Malaysian businesses and we look forward to continuing this partnership.”

“We are pleased to partner with Epsilon to support their expansion in the region and add new value to their customers across the globe. Malaysian enterprises and service providers now have the power of connectivity at their fingertips. They can use Infiny to scale their business operations with on-demand access to Epsilon’s global network fabric,” said Louis Teng, Chief Marketing Officer at SEAX Singapore. “Our partnership with Epsilon reinforces our position as the preferred partner of choice in the region.”

Epsilon will connect its new infrastructure in Menara AIMS facility in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to its Singapore network and onwards to international locations. Situated within the central business district in the capital city, the Menara AIMS facility is the number one data centre in Malaysia which houses over 40 service providers. The service is slated to be ready from May 2019.

About Epsilon
Epsilon is a cloud-centric global connectivity and communications network service provider, connecting to 100 data centres in 26 markets. The company’s SDN platform, Infiny by Epsilon, combines on-demand connectivity, a web-based portal and APIs to give partners simple and effective solutions. All Epsilon services are powered by a carrier-grade, hyper-scalable global backbone that connects the world’s communications and technology hubs. Epsilon is headquartered in Singapore with offices in London, New York, Dubai and Sofia.

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About SEAX
SEAX is a Neutral ICT infrastructure provider, owner, operator and partner with
licenses in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The company provides PoP to PoP regional connectivity solutions within Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. SEAX enables partners by offering interconnectivity services at SEAX neutral cable landing facilities and infrastructure as well as offering strategic partnerships to businesses that requires SEAX’s engagement as a local licensee in markets which the company is licensed in.

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