The Swedish vendor is partnering with Deutsche Telekom’s edge-specialist subsidiary T-Systems to help deliver campus networks worldwide

Erisson is today announcing a new partnership with Deutsche Telekom’s IT subsidiary T-Systems in order to extend their campus network solutions to partners around the world.
Until now, the work Ericsson and T-Systems have been collaborating on has been limited to Germany, with today’s announcement extending the partnership to an international level. The deal sees Ericsson’s campus network infrastructure coupled with T-Systems’ edge computing capabilities, ultimately offering an integrated end-to-end solution directly to business and industry customers.
“By joining T-Systems and Ericsson campus networks abilities, we are offering enterprises the ability to accelerate their path to Industry 4.0 with more advanced use cases,” said Thomas Noren, head of dedicated networks at Ericsson. “With the evolution to 5G, the networks will support applications that require even more bandwidth and lower latency. Ericsson’s portfolio of dedicated networks delivers reliable and secure wireless connectivity.”
Private networks, which offer business partners increased bandwidth, low latency, rapid customisation and heightened security, are an increasingly exciting prospect in the telecoms world, especially for the early stages of 5G. These networks should excel at helping industry to integrate AI, machine learning and the IoT into their daily operations, vastly increasing productivity. 
In their press release, Ericsson cited research from management consultancy Arthur D Little, which forecasted that the private campus network and its accompanying solutions would form a market worth €60-70 billion by 2025. Similarly, research from Omdia yesterday described private LTE and 5G networks as “fast lane to over $5 billion of global enterprise expenditure on services and solutions”.
Private campus networks are already emerging around the world, taking many forms, from ports and power plants to schools and shop floors. Earlier this week, O2 noted a new partnership with security specialist Leonardo to explore the potential of private 5G networks in the defence sector.
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